A company with its own personality dedicated to creating holographic shows in which we transform our clients' ideas into ingenious and creative realities.


Discover Holoshow Experience

3D holograms are no longer a vision of the future: digital change, together with modern hologram technology, has long since arrived in everyday marketing and corporate communications. Holography offers companies a multitude of unimaginable possibilities by presenting products in the form of impressive light shows and three-dimensional holographic shapes, so that a product premiere can be displayed in a format that is as effective as it is unforgettable. Surprise employees, customers and guests with such a special event with Holoshow Experience: a cutting-edge event that implements your ideas in unique 3D hologram shows, for the first time in Spain.

Our services

  • 3D product visualisation

  • Logo animations

  • Movement and infographics

  • Technical and medical visualisation

  • Development of key visuals (Key Visual)

  • Architectural visualisation

  • 3D Illustration

  • 3D product animation and product videos

  • 3D scanning/Visualisation of products and prototypes

  • 3D configurators/product configurators

  • Creation of 3D models (3D modelling)

  • Image editing/retouching

  • Image organisation/Media asset management

  • Post-production services for film and television


Unique holographic effects

This is how you present your brand message in such an extraordinary and innovative way that it leaves a lasting impression.

Breathtaking virtual worlds

Our 3D holograms and light shows always use the latest technology to bring our unique and creative concepts to life.

Science, technology and art together

We create a new world of multimedia shows for all kinds of audiences that will surprise and thrill you with unique audiovisual effects.

The future of marketing is this

Thanks to 3D holograms, you can turn your product or brand message into an impressive visual experience.

Shows and concerts on another level

The holographic shows are designed for any kind of audience and for a multitude of events.

Your brand to another level

We create a new world of multimedia programmes for you that emotionally reaches your target group and surprises them with unique effects. In this way, you stage your brand message in such an extraordinary and innovative way that it leaves a lasting impression.

Our 3D holograms and light shows always use the latest technology to bring our unique and creative concepts to life. Everything is developed in unison: music, sound, actors, effects... so you get a unique show on another level than usual.

Your brand to another level

Holographic show of a conversation with Roche founder Fritz Hoffmann

Your powerpoint presentation in holograms

Holographic presentation promoting a brand

Your PowerPoint presentation in holograms: Holopoint

Do you create your presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote? We implement your designed presentation with an amazing holographic show: Holopoint. We give your presentation the words, sound and visual impression you want.

We will design the visual processes of the show in your way, so that the perfect combination of word and three-dimensional image will be much more memorable in the public's mind.

An awe-inspiring spectacle

By using 3D holograms, you can make your product or brand message visually impressive and tangible. Our team develops a light show tailored exactly to your event and the content to be conveyed.

This is accompanied by choreographic and musical elements: our artists and musicians interact interactively with the 3D holograms, so that fiction and reality seem to merge, making the illusion of three-dimensional objects floating in space almost seamless.

An awe-inspiring spectacle

Music orchestra with holograms


Visualizaholoshowespectáculosarteen vivo

Visualize Holoshow live

Holoshow Trailer

Discover all that Holoshow Experience has to offer. Hologram presentations are the ultimate way to emotionally inspire the viewer.

AVATAR: 3D character as hologram

Show Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche (1868-1920) in front of an audience. Impress your customers by using the founder of a company as a 3D manager.

Concert with Holoshow

Fragment of a musical concert orchestrated with holograms.


We sponsor our clients' brands in the most surprising way. Click on the buttons to play the video.




Acerca de Holoshow Experience

Where and how to use Holoshow Experience?

Holoshow Experience can be used anywhere with some space, either in-house or in event spaces. Events require a stage, the relevant holography equipment and in some cases the actor(s).


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